South London artist Tiiva explores the endurance of one’s self on ‘COLLIDE’.

Taken by Yasmin Akir, graphics by Ling Heaney

Experimenting with pop and electronica genres, the journey of self-identity from non-binary artist Tiiva is one we can all share familiarities with. Explaining the track further, they shared:

“We wear disguises and dress up to keep ourselves feeling strong, every so often you’ll allow it to fall, and be vulnerable. The balance of being strong in a harsh landscape, and still letting yourself be close to people is not something we can easily compartmentalise. ‘Collide’ is about the woozy moments where you let yourself be human, the consuming moments where youʼre in the dark and canʼt see a way out, and the knowing cycle that despite it all, youʼre still here.”

Playing with light-hearted synths which quickly transmute into harsh buzzes at times, Tiiva’s eloquent vocals stand tall, utilising the strong sense of stability in their own self-identity, to captain the turbulent environment of electronica on ‘Collide’.

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