What’s Good This Week #82

From dirty enticing rock to hyper-pop/emo and psychedelia, What’s Good This Week is a clustering of genres.

Sunglasses For Jaws, Taken by Zackery Michael.

Sunglasses For Jaws – Woke up from Something

Released last month and taken from their upcoming “Everybody’s Made of Bones” LP, due for release on June 3rd, the London duo’s latest single ‘Woke up from Something’ is a deliciously dirty piece of rock. Partnering up with vocalist Olivier Hubbard for their upcoming LP, ‘Jaws latest single emerges with seductively dark guitars as Hubbard’s bellowing vocals amplify the lustrous air surrounding the track. Sounding like a reimagined Nick Cave single, ‘Woke up from Something’ sneers and snags at every twist, as alluring croons quickly turn into vicious snarls on this enticing single.

BLOW – Full Delight

The first taste of the Parisian group’s upcoming LP, ‘Full Delight’ is a seductive piece of synth-pop. Newcomers to BLOW will instantly recognise similarities to former French duo Her, with bassist Thomas Clarice being a former touring member, utilising suave, tempting bass hooks to amplify their pop sound. ‘Full Delight’ sets the tone for BLOW’s upcoming LP, exploring duality as its main theme showcased through the use of pop intertwined with funk, slowed down to bring out the alluring nature of both genres.

bodyimage – By My Own Hands

Showing a darker side to the hyper/glitch-pop genre, L.A. artist bodyimage reimagines emo on ‘By My Own Hands’. Similar to Giungla, or Victor Love’s cyberpunk style, bodyimage crafts warped brooding internet-pop on her latest single; using heavy dark-synth rhythms and trap-beat drums to produce heart-stopping bass. Notes of early MySpace music creeps in on ‘By My Own Hands’, conjuring up a war between ’00s emo and contemporary genres for an internet music clash you didn’t know you needed.

EPILEPSY warning, minor flashing imagery present for the video below.

Post Party – Wasting Time

Dublin indie group Post Party follow up their energetic single ‘Being Honest’ with the equally jubilant ‘Wasting Time’. Stating their claim as one of indie music’s most promising young bands, Post Party keep up their 100% score on indie bangers, as ‘Wasting Time’ is filled with the charm and joy of straight forward indie. Carrying on the nostalgic teenage vibes of their previous singles, ‘Wasting Time’s’ unadulterated sound is an ageless track that would be easily suited for any indie playlists.

HANYA – Lydia

Brighton group HANYA bring this week’s What’s Good to a close with their dreamy new single ‘Lydia’. A vintage, psych-pop sounding single, ‘Lydia’ sprawls out into mass arrays of psychedelia, shifting from chilled out psych-pop before exploding into exciting arrays of neo-psychedelia not too far from psych-legends Pond. Speaking about the single, vocalist Heather Sheret explained: “‘Lydia’ started as a sweet acoustic number but kept getting bigger the more we played it. I think that’s the nature of things right now: big gestures only. ‘Lydia’ was written about a chance to dwell on our memories and see people, situations and relationships in a new light as time progresses. The reminder that rights and wrongs are ever-evolving, perspectives shift and over time you shape your own memories”.

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