Wolves – The Dream That Woke

Over sprawling, ambient synths, scattershot percussion, and scintillating, collapsing keyboards, Southeast Michigan bedroom-pop artist Wolves examine the ruins of a surreal relationship on her hypnotic new track, “The Dream That Woke.”

Credit: Xavier Paige

Wolves’ song is a dreamscape of contradictions: the contrast between the bright, glowing synth and the darker, more brooding bass—which seems ready at any moment to swallow up the song’s world—creates a riveting tension that is only heightened by the urgent, stringlike notes that cascade through the chorus—sounding almost like light filtered through window-blinds.  

Written while she was going through a break-up, the song offered a way for Wolves to “cope with [her] emotional turbulence and helped release some of [her] uncertainty in moving forward.” “I can’t get over you,” she sings several times throughout, afraid of losing “that feeling of security and comfort” that the relationship once provided her. 

A surrealist palette of pulsing rhythms and tense, enveloping textures, “The Dream That Woke” documents Wolves’ fall to earth after waking up from the warm dream that was her relationship.

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