Eagulls – Ullages (so far)

Eagulls’ second LP is arguably one of the most exciting announcements of 2016. The Leeds’ punk rockers are showing the world why this is true; especially with the first three debuted tracks.

Eagulls part II began back in February with the first released track Lemontrees. A much calmer piece in terms of Eagulls’ rapid, gritty, howling punk from their self-titled debut, Lemontrees provided a cool reminder of Eagulls’ suave punk style, with a much crisper, cleaner sound than before.

My Life In Rewind however, took Eagulls to a completely different platform altogether. More like a blend of an 80s pop hit/ballad, tuned into the beginning of the millennium (How Soon Is Now for example), My Life In Rewind traced Eagulls droned guitars onto an electro track, transferring the synthesisers for guitars that sound stadium ready. A true shock to the constant going of Eagulls part I; My Life In Rewind created a new energy for Eagulls, which honestly, was impossible to even think of. Yet it works perfectly.

Now on their most recent release Skipping, Eagulls pick up the pace and volume, with a rapid fire bass hook opening the track, shortly followed by battle ground drums, thunderously hammering away. Then carrying itself away into the distant past of New Romantics 80s pop, Skipping carries a presence of immediate importance, unlike anything Eagulls have ever made before. A complete u-turn seems to have happened from their debut, yet Eagulls sound still remains, simply transformed into the past, shown through the present.

So far, it’s all sounding rather pleasing to me. (Actually, it sounds f***ing insane so far).

Pre-order Eagulls upcoming second LP, Ullages, out May 16th.

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