Baby In Vain – The Urge

Infidelity has never sounded quite so enticing. “But to some people, it can be almost as unforgivable an act as murder”.

Within The Urge, Baby In Vain find themselves in a completely different realm from their previous releases, Muscles and Martha’s View. Instead of charged up, fuzz loaded guitars set on overkill, The Urge introduces a malevolent seduction to the Danish trio’s sound.

The constant magnetism of the synth bass, immediately revokes any ideas of the trio being another ‘fuzz buzz-band’, instead, transforming Baby In Vain into post-punk marvels. As lingering guitars turn into enchanting hooks, The Urge unravels into an alluring test of seduction, covered in an illusion to deceive monogamy.

The group’s debut EP, For The Kids, is out now through Partisan Records and available on Vinyl in June. Pre-order the EP here and also receive a free download of Martha’s View.

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