Bandcamp Presents… Candy Cigarettes

Don’t ever underestimate the gems you’ll find looking through the many pages of Bandcamp. Candy Cigarettes are a prime example of the magic found within Bandcamp.

So with each Bandcamp Presents, it’s a toss-up between scouting through Bandcamp endlessly until something peaks my interest, or hunting through countless emails. This week, it was clearly written, somewhere, that it would be the first option.

Around page 35 was the magic number for Candy Cigarettes, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Lane Mueller from Portland, Oregon. His debut self-titled LP was released last week, and believe me when I say, it’s amazing.

Mueller’s work seems to be caught up in its own hyper-reality, where sticking to the confinements of one genre is a pure no go. Jumping from slacker rock, to hyper-active country rhythms, which can turn into idealistic dream pop tones one minute, before then erupting into outrageously insane indie rock anthems.

His latest track Selling Price is an unbelievably cool, riff heavy, slacker rock monster; catching the raw, raging energy of The Black Lips joint with the lucid brilliance of Tame Impala. Previous track Sweet Love, in a completely different realm of its own, shows the lucidity of Mueller’s work. He’s neither here nor there, because he’s caught up in just about everything, blasting stylistic country music into the hearts of indie rock fans who are caught up in the world of dream pop. It’s sweet, tasteful, cool, highly addictive and undoubtedly going to take over your summer.

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