Island – Come With Me

The London group are going from strength to strength on their latest track Come With Me.

The other A to their AA release Spotless Mind, Come With Me further marks Island as being big contenders for the future of the indie world.
As Island progress forward with their style of simplistic, classic cut guitars, nailing crisp riffs, Come With Me marks an important moment for the London group. Seasoning their indie/blues-rock style, similarly to fellow label pals, Palace, Come With Me hones in on the untainted pleasure, of pure indie, that seeks nothing more than to entertain.
Island’s talents continue to grow and Come With Me will surely see them on their way to even greater moments.
Island have now¬†announced their biggest headline show to date, at¬†London’s Scala on the 2nd of November (previously headlining the 350 capacity Oslo). Make sure you grab a ticket for undoubtedly a soon to be iconic show.

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