Fiancé – h.a.g.s

Following the release of their self titled debut back in February, Fiancé plan on sharing their songs as they write them for a while, frontman Andrew Fusca says, beginning with the luscious h.a.g.s.

A dream-pop single coated in an indie dressing, h.a.g.s’ similarities to groups such as DIIV and Gleemer is noticeable, but not completely mirrored. With a heavy flux of 70’s and 80’s soundscapes, displayed through flickering synths, three guitars and the occasional nod of Fusca’s vox, h.a.g.s sound falls completely in-between the land of 80’s dream pop and contemporary dream pop.

You could easily place h.a.g.s as an old school song, lost somewhere on an 8track recorder, while still finding it on the greater side of Bandcamp today.

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