LUHA – She

In a moments notice, LUHA’s name could be appearing across the entire blogosphere, especially with the backing of her latest release, She.

Swedish/Filipina artist LUHA has just two tracks out currently (as of the date of this post), Blue Whale and She, both have cult anthem written all over them. However, when I say cult anthem, it would be more appropriate to use “ceremonial, ritualistic prayers welcoming the gods of war”.

She, is incredibly intense with its hypnotic waves of bass, completely decimating the likes of Doldrums during their beginning, paired with the voice of an oracle, chanting to a deity who is preparing a maelstrom of magnificent violence upon the world. As LUHA prepares the world for a display of unrivalled artistry, She, captivates a rising star who knows nothing of playing small, only being able to perform catastrophically, gargantuan displays of mystifyingly, astounding music.

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