What’s Good This Week? #10

A collective unity of 80’s influenced pop, electro-classic covers and not so classic indie rock, forms the first few moments of auditory bliss on “What’s Good This Week?”.

Spang Sisters – Boys, B-sides & Rarities EP

Bristol five piece Spang Sisters, released this collection last Friday, with lead single ‘Boys’ a seductively woozy, synth drenched, slow burner, kicking off the seven track EP. With previous tracks ‘International Pussy’ and ‘A Hummage’ making an appearance on the EP, both featuring a spot of fine tuning, it’s a joyous collection of 80’s influenced pop and a further step in the right direction for their vintage sound to truly flourish with the likes of Her’s, Trudy and the Romance and Sports.

Friendly Fires – Lack Of Love

A cover of the Charles B & Adonis classic, the techno tune receives a tropical makeover from the St. Albans trio, trading heavy beats for trippy electro and bongo drumming. The signature Friendly Fires staple of chiming, giddy electronic beats is enough to convince those new to ‘Lack Of Love’ that it’s a stand alone track of their own making.

Dantevilles – Bloomin Flowers

A Manchester group that are standing out for the right reasons, Dantevilles are performing at Leeds’ The Lending Room tomorrow, bringing their latest track ‘Bloomin Flowers’ to the stage to blow everyone away. A not so classic-indie rock sound, ‘Bloomin Flowers’ summon up the intense nature of White Lies with the easy appeal of fellow Mancunians The Courteeners, making for a surreal display of finally crafted indie rock.

ZINNIA – Bullets

A smouldering flame that awaits for the moment to truly explode and emerge as something untameable and altogether breathtakingly inspiring, the second track from Toronto artist ZINNIA, is one that even a thousand words could never truly capture the intense beauty of. A true slow burner, rising from the ashes victoriously with a defiant roar, ‘Bullets’ is a ready made classic, matching the impeccable presence of The Killers’ ‘Sam’s Town’.

Messimer – Morning Thoughts

If Violent Femmes and Ezra Furman had crossed paths and pieced together a collaboration, then Messimer were clearly tired of waiting and decide to make it happen themselves. Hailing from Boise, Idaho, ‘Morning Thoughts’ is a charming, guitar twanging short burst, coming in at under three minutes, but packing in enough charm and easy going vibes to make looping this track an inevitability.

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