What’s Good This Week #29

Oh there’s a lot of noise this week, coming from industrial noise rockers Russian Baths, all the way to the alluring restraint of previously featured Okay(K).

Russian Baths – Tracks

If Russian Baths are a new name for you, then their latest single ‘Tracks’ will take you completely by surprise. A hollowed out guitar note opens up into an explosive fued of destruction and chaos, only to be contained by vocalist Jess Rees, swarmed by a merciless array of shoegaze and noise rock. Twinning the over-distortion of shoegaze with the grit and aggression of noise rock carries ‘Tracks’ towards a style of industrial music that will find fans all over their home in New York and across the globe.

Honey Lung – Nothing

The London rockers are back, following their early release from this year ‘Complete’, this time sharing ‘Nothing’ with us. Describing the track as “the closest we have come to creating the sound in our heads”, ‘Nothing’ channels 90’s American pop-rock with a pristine precision, gutting out ‘Teenage Dirtybag’ acoustic chords with a rapid injection of jutting guitar notes, blazing fast and executed manically. Flowing carelessly from charming 90’s pop-rock to face melting grunge rock in a moment, then spiralling to late 90’s indie, it’s another stellar moment from Honey Lung.

Double Screen – Bloodstream (ft. Blakkheart)

Now for something calmer, yet just as ready to get you dancing. Dublin based producer Double Screen teams up with Blakkheart for a pop tinged house track, ready to take you all the way to the dancefloor and through to the afterparty. ‘Bloodstream’ vibes out with tribal rhythms masquerading as house beats, pushing the freedom of tribal music into the formulaic system of house. Together with Blakkheart, Double Screen envokes an aura across ‘Bloodstream’ that is just as chilled and relaxing as it is, blood pumping and ready to keep you going all night long.

Badison – Show You Things

So Badison shared her track last week with me and it was an instant must share with all of you. Hailing from Düssledorf in Germany, Badison is a self taught musician, who’s take on emo influenced pop follows the rhythm of jangly summer guitars, cloaked with the edge and sombre attitude of emo. On ‘Show You Things’ Badison channels this genre blending into a pop track that is full of energy and channels acts such as Paramore at both their earliest and most current work.

Okay(K) – California

Previously featured on Velvet, New York artist Okay(K) puts a glimpse of the summer sun into his latest track, appropriately titled ‘California’. Coming in at just over two minutes, ‘California’ runs quicker than his previous work, yet still drags its heels to the pacing of Okay(K), bring the level of restraint that is impossible not to fall in love with on his work. Gliding through an endless wave of guitar chords, ‘California’ provides the summer sun for those who aren’t fans of the sun.

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