The Wants – Container

Nu-post-punk trio The Wants fire one last taste of their debut LP, with the title-track, ‘Container’.

With techno influences fuelling their previous release ‘The Motor’, The Wants move further into electronic influences seeping into their take on post-punk, rolling industrial samples in krautrock styling on ‘Container’. Fresh cuts of crisp, electro bass kicks off the Brooklyn groups latest work, crawling up out of Brooklyn’s basement level dive bars, as The Wants throw mundanity and internal dialogues into a crowd of equally grey faced on-goers, ready to reciprocate with growing visceral anger.

‘Container’ steadily grows from these internal musings into full on discourse about the mundanity of work life, gender roles and more topics that centralize around the minds of most millennial and gen-z’ers; bringing together the rich history of punk’s political beginnings with its endless state of form changing.