emawk – ACOUSCOUS / PK

NYC artist emawk shares an intimate look at his own emotional growth on his new single ‘ACOUSACOUS’ and B-side ‘PK’.

The latest work to be shared from emawk’s year-long audiovisual project; ‘ACOUSCOUS’ speaks about the NYC artist handling moments of struggle and rejection more positively, while B-side ‘PK’ juxtaposes ‘ACOUSCOUS’, representing the times where he strays towards defeatism.

Speaking about ‘ACOUSCOUS’ and ‘PK’ respectively, emawk explained: “It’s about one of the ways I’ve learnt to process feeling misunderstood/misjudged. Sometimes I’m able to take it lightly, know that I’m okay, and not take outside negativity to heart. I’m still learning how to let go of what I fear others think about me” / At other times, I grow resentful and distant because I feel like, even if I explain myself, it wouldn’t change how others saw me”.

Both tracks follow deep and melodic R’n’B styles, with ‘ACOUSCOUS’ nestling into a bed of warm, acoustic guitars with emawk’s smooth vocals on top; while ‘PK’ abides by the contemporary styles of dream-hop/lo-fi, utilising voice manipulation and chilled electronica beats for an effortlessly cool performance.

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