Rosie Carney – Better Man

The gracefulness and awe-inspiring work of Rosie Carney is a moment in time, that is now captured for eternity.

Delicacy and beauty stereotypically fall hand in hand. Soft vocals and slow tempos make for music that feels not only comforting, but enchanting. Carney’s work on Better Man, exceeds the usual standards of this ideal.

At only 19 years old, Carney already writes, sings and produces with the knowledge and wisdom to nearly match female legends such as Bjork and PJ Harvey. While Better Man may not contain the brazen nature of Bjork, or the rock loaded edge of PJ Harvey, it does however contain the fire that both these two legends had at the beginning of their careers, of which they still have now.

Each component is placed together with the utmost precision, layering expansive sounds similar to Daughter, together with the beautifully hushed guitar tones of Memoryhouse’s Bonfire. Across its near five minute running time, Carney transforms Better Man from a simple folk song, into the first display of her undeniable talent for song writing.

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